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2018-02-23 07:44:08 by SomeTinyCritter

Hi, I'm SomeTinyCritter!


I hope to create my own webcomic someday, and although Newgrounds isn't the best place for comics, I still want to make the most out of it by posting illustrations. I've always loved Newgrounds but I used to think only the best artists could use it, so I was ashamed of joining it early on. Pretty sure it needs all the support it can get right now so I'll do my best!


I'm currently studying advertising and graphic design at uni but I like doing digital illustration as a hobby.


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2018-02-23 10:40:20

Hey nice to meet you!


2018-02-23 11:28:48

Thats nice! , good luck!! :)

SomeTinyCritter responds:

Thank you!


2018-02-24 03:57:55

Great! It's nice to meet you as well. I hope you will enjoy it here while you can!