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Man this was a long time coming, I finally get to see Hex in action! I love that the characters are silent, makes them more rabbit-like ^^ The soundtrack is beautiful too. This was just an all around feel-good short. Adding to my faves!

9Hammer responds:

Thank you, and I'm glad that you appreciate the feel-good nature of this little short here too!

Hey dude! Saw you were looking for critique for this one so I tried my best to keep an eye out, though it was an overall great animation!

Some of the distant character animation looked a bit janky, such as the first running animation. The montage felt too quick; I feel like the montage sequence would benefit from showing a sample of each character within the 10 year gap shown, that way it shows progress over time but in a summarised format.

The lighting, backgrounds and effects are standouts for me, they all just come together and set the stage perfectly. Character close-ups also looking good!!

9Hammer responds:

Thank you! In hindsight, that's good that you mentioned that about some of the animation jank. Definitely will be a bit more mindful about how that's presented. I also appreciate the compliments too!

Omg the backgrooouuuunds <3333

Also I noticed you're using a little shaky cam every here and there - it works really nicely! And the audio levels are getting better with each episode you put out! :D Massive well done, friend!!

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This interactive version is great fun! :D Thanks for adding little secret medals in there, they were fun to find!

Also great work everyone!! It feels great to be a part of something amazing! <3

Mabelma responds:

Really happy you enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun to make and the medals definitely give it an extra fun mechanic.

I really enjoy this game! I hope I can get better at Normal Mode but Easy is good enough for casuals like me to play!

Some observations:
- The Spooky Boys are harder than Pico, so if the Weeks are going in order of difficulty those guys may need to swap Weeks.
- The transition between songs for Week 4/Mum shows a small black square, I'm guessing it's supposed to cover the whole screen for a second? I haven't seen it on any of the other Weeks yet.
- When first starting out I tried copying GF's arrows, and I've seen other people do the same thing accidentally. It may need a distinct way of telling the player to watch before pressing anything.

I hope these can be of some help. I'm really looking forward to new characters joining the roster and listening to some more sick tunes!! :D

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The best motivational poster!!

Haha thank you so much Poio!! I like the Cheeps! XD

This guy looks familiar... XD

Well done on the front page Wayne! Also why is his neck to long?

Kidgalactus responds:

To more efficiently look down his nose at people, of course.

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