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Ooh nice! I like how you're using effects to express Indigo's emotions ^^

9Hammer responds:

Thanks! It's kind of a different artistic approach from what I usually do (?), but I enjoy throwing some of those in there, hah.

I'm giving this 5 stars because honestly, this is your best work!! Your animations just keep getting better and better with each new release!

I've only got one VERY minor nitpick for this one as it doesn't take away much at all, but the first wide shot made the character look very sketched/stick figure-esque. Some other shots had very sketchy lines too, but I would say they added more action and style to the scene because of the quick movement ^^ I look forward to your next animation release! Keep up the excellent work, Nine!!

9Hammer responds:

Thanks, and true that! It could've been the result of a slight time crunch, but that's something I'll do my best to circumvent. (I definitely don't want to make it look like I rushed things.) Glad that you're interested in this too!

I love your backgrounds and animation - and the voice acting is on-point!

Keep practicing with audio ^^ I can't comment much on it since I don't know much about audio mixing, but I've heard adding minor sound effects like clothes moving when a character moves and distant (almost indecipherable) conversation to crowds like in the marketplace at the end really help bring more life to the overall scene without interfering with character dialogue.

9Hammer responds:

Much appreciated, and it's all good. Seems that the audio bits are a universal thing that needs fixing, so I think that focusing more on that aspect more in post-production. The sentiments are appreciated nonetheless!

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This interactive version is great fun! :D Thanks for adding little secret medals in there, they were fun to find!

Also great work everyone!! It feels great to be a part of something amazing! <3

Mabelma responds:

Really happy you enjoyed it! It was a lot of fun to make and the medals definitely give it an extra fun mechanic.

I really enjoy this game! I hope I can get better at Normal Mode but Easy is good enough for casuals like me to play!

Some observations:
- The Spooky Boys are harder than Pico, so if the Weeks are going in order of difficulty those guys may need to swap Weeks.
- The transition between songs for Week 4/Mum shows a small black square, I'm guessing it's supposed to cover the whole screen for a second? I haven't seen it on any of the other Weeks yet.
- When first starting out I tried copying GF's arrows, and I've seen other people do the same thing accidentally. It may need a distinct way of telling the player to watch before pressing anything.

I hope these can be of some help. I'm really looking forward to new characters joining the roster and listening to some more sick tunes!! :D

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So cute!! I love Digitamamon!

Ooh I don't believe I've seen this one before! The motion lines make it so much more tense - did you make a custom brush for them? :D

I hope they make it out in time! The little lizard pal is my favourite!

So cute!!

Kidgalactus responds:

Thanks so much, buddy!

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