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So cute!! I love Digitamamon!

Ooh I don't believe I've seen this one before! The motion lines make it so much more tense - did you make a custom brush for them? :D

I hope they make it out in time! The little lizard pal is my favourite!

So cute!!

Kidgalactus responds:

Thanks so much, buddy!

That last panel is gold! XD

What a handsome lil fluffball :D

Ohhh what a cutie!!! <3 I wanna see it hop around like a parakeet too!

Kidgalactus responds:

That's some noisy hopping, to be sure!

Murkrows are the best and you've represented them perfectly with your talent!! A very sweet Valentine's piece <3

This is so cute and lovely!! Thank you for the cake little croc!!

I'd love to see more mini animations of this little guy ^^

Chalecus responds:

Thank you!

There will be more of him, don't worry!!

I shared her pain when I was working at a cafe - not being able to eat the yummy cakes during a shift!

This artwork is really cute! Definitely presents the cafe vibe with the colour choices and textures. In terms of critique, it looks like the brickwork in the foreground and background is leaning a bit to the bottom right, but I can see that it's implying depth/perspective; just needs some perspective practice ^^

mogy64 responds:

thank u! and yeah i totally agree on that, out of personal preference i tend to avoid using grid lines, this was one of the times where not doing that definitely gave me trouble lol

You art style is a huge inspiration for me ^^ Uraraka looks so cute in this, but from her expression I can't tell if she's cheerful or uncomfortable, haha

AetherionArt responds:

Thanks! I like to make faces like that. I'd also like to think that Midnight put her up to it too

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