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Your art style is so cute! The colours in this piece come together really well too! Archie must've been sitting for a long time for his marshmallow to melt over a cute little fire, hehe

If I may suggest any improvements, the tree on the left works wonders for visual narration, but it looks like it could do with an outline like the bushes in the foreground. It's got shading like the foreground bushes but the 'linelessness' of the background trees. This is only a minor nitpick though and for someone who doesn't often do backgrounds you still made an amazing piece overall! <3

AtroxChobatsu responds:

Ah yeah, I see what you mean. I was hoping to use the transition to lineless for distance, like the further away the foliage gets, the less detailed they get. The pine tree does blend into the clump of trees behind it, though, and some lines would have helped it stand out more.

Thanks for the advice!

womBAT: Friend of the numBAT :D

This design is awesome! Now I'm hopeful they'll add bovver boots to the trainer customisation :D

The lighting has me believe they're about to run across fire/lava, making the narrative in this piece way more cool!

Kidgalactus responds:

Thanks, pal! He's gonna have to watch his toe-sies in that case!

Maybe it knows I'll give its nose a pat ^^

Kidgalactus responds:

Haha, don't get too close!

She's so pretty! Your background work looks nice too, will you try doing backgrounds for future work?

Sindicate responds:

Yeah, it was fun! I'm definitely going to try it more!

So dynamic and intense!

I'm a sucker for cute retro pieces. Nice use of tone and colour!

AuraHACK responds:


This is a really nice piece! I like the swirls in the sky, but my eyes may have been drawn to them first because they look more in-focus and sharper than the foreground (Might just be me though?). I love the colours and the composition too!

Your shading style looks really nice! He's so happy with his little sparkles! <3

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