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I can't get over how cute this is!! I love how you draw dinosaurs, reminds me of all the dinosaur colouring books/posters/picture books I had as a kid <3

But... but satisfaction brought him back, right? D:

Toothybj responds:

I cant tell...

I love the grading and proportions on this sweet little boy! <3 It's also interesting how his paws are shaped and coloured like flippers. Nicely done!

Sony-Shock responds:

Thanks a lot! >v<

I'm stuck between C and D, but C caught my attention first. I think giving her a bunny-like appearance would make her cuter and make her look more energetic (if that's what she's like). I love her fashion and body proportions too!

mikemichaelmic responds:

Yeah Im with you on the bunny-like thing. I was thinking that if she tied her hair up, it'd be more like A, and untied would probably be D, so it'd all depend on context :).

And personality-wise. She's very sunny and energetic around people she knows and is comfortable with, but becomes super shy and nervous and new people, so it'd work :).

Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you like her!

She's soo cute!! I love how you designed her witchy hat! Your background's sky is neat, but the mountain lighting/shading is a bit too uniform across the board. The lighting on each mountain just needs to face the moon a bit more directly ^^ Loving your work though!

Sindicate responds:

You're definitely right! I appreciate the critique, definitely something I may have overlooked, I'll have to take that extra step, next time. Thanks!

The background looks so nice and consistent! Your colours are nice and Spring-esque too ^^ Godspeed, Dingdong and Julian!

Aww, this is really charming! I love the minimal use of screentone, it works really nicely with your clean-line style!

mikemichaelmic responds:

Thank youu! :D Yea I figured it'd be a nice finishing touch.

She's adorable! I like how the proportions are accentuated to make her look super stylised and cute without going overboard. The colours in this piece are also nice and vibrant!

So cool! I like how the characters have really strong shading and colouring that helps them contrast from the background ^^

I've had a pretty hard week, and Slowpoke is one of my favourite Pokemon, so to see Slowpoke in such a disproportionate but happy state made me chuckle. My rating may be biased because of my situation but thanks for creating this silly thing! ^^

FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you. I'm glad Slowpoke could relieve you of some of your displeasure.

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