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The buildings look a little too much like superimposed photos, but when looking at it as a whole, that aspect about them adds to the grungy urban vibe of the piece.

Now that I think about it, the traditionally painted-looking sky, the digitally drawn-looking Spiderman and the photorealistic buildings all just work with each other! Nice job!

CezRamirez responds:

yeh i do admit i couldve done a better job stitching the photos together
thanks for your critique!

I'm always so hung up about how to shade an environment when I try to work on backgrounds, but this gives me hope in the fact that you don't need much lighting/shading to make an environment look good! The minimal hatching and the outlines give this piece a hand-drawn charm while still looking clean and refined. The muted colours make it very relaxing to look at too. Nice job!!

Ohhh so cute!!

A really heartwarming animation, though I notice a little smidge of pencil next to the hearts ^^

123survesh responds:

Thanks for the kind comment :)
I have removed the pencil smidge :)

Wow, you made him look so cool!

It's like looking at fairy floss reincarnated as a dog!

This poster gives me the impression the movie will have a lot of adventure and/or mystery about it. Wonderful work, Nine!

9Hammer responds:

Thank you, and I'm glad it spiked your curiosity! I'll definitely be giving glimpses of what the story will be like with some animated WIPs and some concept art in the upcoming future. Glad you're interested!

This piece screams pure, uncaged imagination. So much energy, so many smiles!

You got a good style going, and I like how you did the corruption background! ^^ Have you shown this to Vinny yet?

Akumanorobin responds:

Yes! I submitted it to the booru back then! :> Thank you very much!

Loving the motion and intensity in this one!

Kidgalactus responds:

Thanks, pal!

I love everything about this, from the best outfit in the entire comic, to the shading technique you used, to the little heart details in her eyes!! This artwork is colourful and dynamic and deserves all the praise it gets!

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