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I am an illustrator who specialises in freelance illustration and online branding.

Age 27

Perth, Australia

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Posted by SomeTinyCritter - September 23rd, 2020

You guys are the nicest <3


Posted by SomeTinyCritter - August 21st, 2020

I'd like to firstly thank everyone who's been keeping up with my work despite the inconsistent upload schedule (if there even IS one). I appreciate you viewing my work and voting honestly ^-^ Thank you.

I've decided to change up how my profile page looks on my Twitter and Newgrounds (still gotta update my website though). I have a new mascot which I will just call some tiny critter. I'll post a full art pic when I'm less busy, probably after Sunday?

I say that because this Sunday the Collector Zone Toy and Hobby Fair is returning!! For those of you in the Perth area you can come along and buy geeky collectible merchandise - and if you've got some spare change, you can even come to my table and buy yourself an art print! :D Or just say hello. I'm down to chat about videogames and stuff.

There are some dream projects I want realised that will help me learn new creative skills, and with the world turning to hell right now, I may have the time and resources to make a start on them. Nothing is set in stone, but I'm just writing about this purely out of optimism that I might get at least a mockup of them done ^^;

Thank you for reading this far and I hope you have a lovely day. Keep safe.


Posted by SomeTinyCritter - September 13th, 2019

Sorry I haven't been able to post anything here in a while. I've been doing a whole bunch of art for a game that has yet to be announced and it's been really fun! I've been slowly working on other stuff in between projects so they'll be done eventually too.

Thanks for sticking around guys. ^-^


Posted by SomeTinyCritter - August 12th, 2019

Hey guys! I'll be selling prints again at Collector Zone this Sunday! If you're in the Perth area be sure to stop by!

Posted by SomeTinyCritter - May 6th, 2019

I will be attending Tokyo Alley Perth on the 18th of this month! Come by and say hi if you're in the Perth area! ^^

I've already posted a couple of print designs I will be selling on the day (now with updates!), but now I've finished up some more so expect uploads over the next week or so.



Posted by SomeTinyCritter - February 20th, 2019


I'm doing commissions! (3 slots only)

DM me if you're interested!

Or email sometinycritter@gmail.com

*Prices in Australian Dollars (AUD). T&Cs apply.



Posted by SomeTinyCritter - January 6th, 2019

Hey guys, I'm gonna try doing commissions!

Prices are listed on my website! You can find examples of my work from my NG profile or from my website's homepage ^^

If you're interested DM me or email me at sometinycritter@gmail.com.


Posted by SomeTinyCritter - February 23rd, 2018

Hi, I'm SomeTinyCritter!


I hope to create my own webcomic someday, and although Newgrounds isn't the best place for comics, I still want to make the most out of it by posting illustrations. I've always loved Newgrounds but I used to think only the best artists could use it, so I was ashamed of joining it early on. Pretty sure it needs all the support it can get right now so I'll do my best!


I'm currently studying advertising and graphic design at uni but I like doing digital illustration as a hobby.